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Hanoi "has six" streets, Hanoi with lemon tea, Hanoi with iced tea on the sidewalk... It seems that these simple descriptions can gather all the idyllic things of the capital. Along with the history of "thousand years of civilization", Hanoi always attracts tourists with a unique color, a rich cultural identity, and a unique way of life that cannot be confused with any other place. If you are curious about that "color", save your Hanoi travel experiences below and schedule a trip to discover the capital!

Referring to Hanoi, many people will think of the old features of the old town and the historical sites during many feudal dynasties. But not stopping there, Hanoi also has the dynamic rhythm of a city that is developing day by day. Cultural beauty, combined with youthful and bustling features, have contributed to creating a colorful Hanoi, enough to attract any visitor from afar.

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